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Pumas hit back as wounded Devils can't keep up

The Springwood rematch at Springwood was a great opportunity for the Devils to push hard for a finals spot. It was not going to be easy though with heavy rain during the week closing both down both our ovals for all training. This was very disappointing preparation and our form was the opposite of last week. Our skills were generally poor and we struggled to impact the contested footy. Our tackle count was very low and this contributed to Springwood moving the ball skilfully and at pace. Springwood had Friis lining up at full forward and Boyd was ruled out for the Devils. Boyd kicked 7 goals the week before and Friis kicked 8 today.

The Devils started the game well but failed to impact the scoreboard. Then Friis and Hooper combined to put on 5 goals by the half way mark and the Devils were in big trouble. Matt Rolla managed a goal against the play, but there were already signs that the Devils were in for a tough day. Powell was out of the game at the 10 min mark and the injuries continued for the game, compounding the lack of rotations.

The Devils fought back in the 2nd quarter and kicked the first 3 goals following some great play from Dom Wili who was giving us first use of the ball in the middle as well as getting around the ground. The defence was getting on top and we gained the momentum. Unfortunately Springwood made the most of their forward entries later in the quarter and they had a handy lead at the break.

The third quarter the Devils took control early, our tackle count was up and our ball use had improved. We ran the ball well, but with all of the play we couldn’t find a goal. At the 8 minute mark Springwood made one of their rare forward entries and kicked a goal against the run of play. We held Springwood to 3 goals at the scoring end but our only goal came at the siren. It was a disappointing return for all of the hard work we put in.

The final quarter was more about managing the wounded as the rotations were none existent. An early goal we hoped would spark a recovery to reduce the final margin. A further 3 goals was good reward for the Devils efforts, but the injury toll had weakened our ability to impact their better players.

Yeronga: 1.1, 6.5, 7.9, 11.12 (78)

Springwood: 7.3, 10.5, 16.8, 23.12 (150)

Goal Kickers: M. Rolla 5, B. Nizigama 2, H. Livesey, J. Koch, K. Juracic, M. Fels

Best Players: M. Rolla, B. Cody, K. Juracic, D. Wili, B. Cody, N. Connolly, H. Livesey

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